Ecuadorian Payment Methods

A cash payment
and real-time bank transfer method

Cash Payment: Access for consumers without a bank account or credit card.

An easy and secure solution that allows cash payments by generating a reference number that is accepted in an extensive network of more than 22 thousand establishments, including: Banco Pichincha, Banco Guayaquil, Mi Vecino and Sana Sana Pharmacies.

Bancos Ecuador

Online Transfer: A real-time payment solution.

This solution is a secure online payment method for customers who wish to pay using their online banking service. With our solution your clients can pay the referral number from the online platform of the main banks in Ecuador: Banco Pichincha en Guayaquil.

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An alternative payment that provides security
and inclusion to
your customers

A flexible and convenient payment method. Connected to the online banking of the main banks in Ecuador. With the referral number generated from our solution, it is also possible to pay in cash, promoting the inclusion of unbanked consumers into the ecommerce.

Real time
Fraud Prevention.
No chargebacks.
Refund process:
exclusive and practical.

How does it work?


The customer chooses to pay with our solution and a reference number is created to make the payment.


If the customer chooses to pay via bank transfer, he will be directed to his online bank, and have within 2 hours to make his payment.


If the client chooses to pay the reference number in cash, he can do it within 72 hours in more than 22 thousands establishments where it's accepted.

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