Ecuadorian Voucher and Bank Transfer

Banked or not, start selling to all Ecuadorian population.

With EBANX solution your customer receives a reference number that can be paid through online banking of the main banks in Ecuador or in cash in one of the 22 thousand establishments where it is accepted.


Avoid frauds and chargebacks


With Online Transfer and Voucher Payment, you are offering a secure way for your customer to shop online. Increase your sales by gaining their trust and accepting real-time payment solutions.

EBANX localized solution supports your business expansion to Ecuador

EBANX localized solution covers all the bases to sell in Ecuador, from payment processing, payment methods, partner connection, market expertise, fraud prevention, compliance & regulation.

How Cash and Bank Transfer works

The customer journey:


Choose to pay with our solution and a reference number is created to make the payment.


If the customer chooses to pay via bank transfer, he will be redirected to his online bank, and have within 2 hours to make his payment.


If the client chooses to pay the reference number in cash, he can do it within 72 hours in more than 22 thousand establishments where it's accepted.


The transaction is confirmed and a receipt is provided to the customer.

Benefits of accepting Cash Payment and Bank Transfer

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    Reach a new customer base

    Expand your business to a potential market and start selling online to Ecuadorian consumers.

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    Safe transaction

    Secure payment options without the risk of chargebacks.

Payment Methods in Ecuador

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