One unique platform to solve business challenges and payments in Latin America


Latin America can be challenging and complex.
EBANX one simplifies the region and enables business growth.

A continent with differences regarding payments, currencies, tax, regulations, and integration types. The fragmentation of the region can limit the decisions of enterprises business when implementing locally their operational models. Even so, Latam has an addressable market that is prime for ecommerces.

We remove all the business and payments complexities to help brands to succeed in the market. With EBANX One, you decide how to expand in the region, choosing one or more operational models at the same time, in one or more countries, with several payment solutions, all within a single platform.

Switch on 15 countries and operational models whenever you need

One integration to expand to 15 (and growing) countries in the region

Payment processing with international funds settlement

Sell to Latin Americans in their local currency with local payment methods and receive your funds in USD anywhere in the world. All that without the need to set up local legal entities in each country.

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Payment processing with domestic funds settlement

Local Latin American companies or international brands with a local office and entities can sell in Latam and receive their funds domestically.

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Domestic and International Payout   

EBANX Payout fits any kind of operational model. An uncomplicated, secure, and fast way for companies with or without local entities in LatAm to settle in local or international transfers to their partners in Latin America.

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Multiple and mixed operational models

Choose and combine the solutions that best fit your company. Operate with or without local entities in the same country, or combine in different countries, any of these models: Payment processing with international and/or domestic settlement and/or international and domestic payouts.

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How it works


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Uber’s interview at Latin America Summit 2020


"Uber has tried to follow a hybrid model, which brings the best of both worlds: cross-border and local processing."

Roman Berthome - Product Manager at Uber
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What you get with EBANX ONE


One single API to unlock more than 100 payment methods


One solution capable to operate according to each company's operational model


One solution with payment processing and payout services in one or several countries


One integration to unite conciliation and reports in one dashboard


One settlement per entity for all the transactions, from all payment methods


One solution to be compliant with all countries regulations


Whats makes EBANX ONE unique


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