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Restricted and Prohibited
Products and Services

Some activities and services may not be performed or sold using the services of EBANX because their marketing is not lawful, or because it is regulated by legal or regulatory requirements, or because EBANX does not allow the use of the service to both.

This list was made considering EBANX´s current understanding of laws, risk factors and reputational impact and shall not be, under any circumstances, violated or infringed. It shows which Merchant Products/Services cannot be processed by EBANX, or which Merchant Products/Services need an express preapproval from EBANX before processing.

Prohibited list:

EBANX will never work with the following Merchants products or services:

1. Alcohol, tobacco or nicotine;

2. Buying or trade of precious metals;

3. Controlled substances and/or other products that offer risk to consumer safety;

4. Drugs or any kind of illegal substances, including substances for the manufacture of drugs;

5. ForEx or Binary Options;

6. File sharing;

7. Gambling services and lotteries;

8. Live animals;

9. Lawyer services and Medical practices;

10. Medicines (exclusively sold by prescription or not), including any hospital equipment;

11. Military weapons and ammunition;

12. Multilevel Marketing Companies or Pyramid Schemes;

13. Products that injuries trademarks, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights;

14. Products related to pedophilia, child pornography, nudity of minors, as well as articles in any way involving the illegal participation of minors;

15. Prostitution agencies;

16. Adult Content/Pornography;

17. Stolen products, subtracted anyway, smuggled, counterfeit, adulterated or replicated;

18. Sports forecasting / Odds making;

19. Any other product, service or activity in jurisdictions where it is considered illegal.

We also have some specific prohibited products/services for different LATAM countries.

Only for Mexico

1. Hormones;

2. Miraculous products;

Only for Peru

1. Yoyo loco, yoyo chino, water ball, meteoric ball;

2. Used clothing and footwear;

Only for Colombia

1. Cell phones and accessories;

2. Used clothing and footwear;

Restricted list:

EBANX may work with the following merchants with EBANX preapproval, which can be denied or revoked where it finds this to pose a risk to EBANX business or reputation:

1. Companion/Dating Services;

2. Digital seminars, programs, e-books, etc.;

3. Donations or Charities;

4. Natural Products or medicines, vitamins, Diet Products, Muscle Enhancers, etc;

5. Products or Services related with social, political or religious organizations;

6. Products of animal origin;

7. Works of art and antiques;

* Our list is always evolving and is not limited to these categories.