Grow your business and cover 100% of card users in Chile with WebPay.

WebPay allows Chileans to securely use their debit and credit cards online. By offering this solution you are giving access to a huge part of the population and allowing them to easily buy from your website.

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With EBANX you accept debit and credit cards through local acquiring

Besides the increase in the addressable market, there is a huge gain in terms of approval rates in switching from international to local acquiring.

Local acquiring with EBANX x International acquiring

Local acquiring

  • Debit cards are available.

  • Local data Intelligence offers you a good approval rate with low fraud risk.

  • The customer pay in local currency.

  • Installments and recurring billing available.

International acquiring

  • Debit cards are not accepted.

  • Lack of local information can block good transactions or allow fraud attacks.

  • The customer pay in the currency from the merchant country.

  • No installments and no recurring billing.

Offer Chilean consumers access to one of the most common online payment method


Cards are very used to pay online and offline in Chile. Today 83% of the total e-commerce volume comes from card transactions.

By offering a system that supports credit and debit cards you are attracting a huge part of the population in Chile.


Increase your sales by offering local payment methods.


Be a part of the Chilean e-commerce market by accepting cards and other payment options with a partner that has a direct connection to local players and that can enable your business to thrive in the region.

Supported Debit and Debit Cards

How WebPay works


During checkout, the customer chooses Credit or Debit Card as a payment method.


WebPay generates 2 payment options: Credit Card and RedCompra (Debit Card). The customer chooses to pay with the option best suited for their needs.


Once the transaction is complete, EBANX gives immediate confirmation.

Benefits of accepting cards with EBANX


Increase Approval Rates

With local acquiring, your business has better approval rates.

Recurring Payments

Perform recurring payments with a modern payment solution that accommodates diverse subscription models available in the market.

Have a safe business

Increase your conversion rates and protect your business in Latin America with the best in class local risk management without extra fees.

Billing Descriptor

Optimized billing description on the credit card statement to reduce chargebacks.

Payment Methods in Chile

Credit and Debit Cards in Chile

Start accepting local credit and debit cards

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