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Chilean Payment Methods


Using WebPay Chileans are able to securely use their debit and credit cards online. By offering WebPay with EBANX, you can access 52% of Chileans who use cards to buy online as well as easily integrate with other alternative methods in Chile to access 100% of the population.

EBANX offers WebPay which supports credit cards and Redcompra (debit card) purchases online in Chile.
Card option is the most common online payment type in Chile.

Increase your sales by accepting local credit and debit cards in Chile.

With WebPay Solution in your ecommerce:
Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Magna and Diners credit card and any debit card affiliates to Redcompra and issued by the Visa and Maestro MasterCard networks in Chile.

Expiration3 days
Very simplerefund
No chargebacks,,low fraud risk

How does it work?


Your customer clicks on the WebPay payment button at checkout.


WebPay generates 2 payment options: Credit Card and RedCompra (Debit Card). The customer chooses to pay with the option best suited for their needs.


Once the transaction is complete, EBANX gives immediate confirmation.