Chilean Payment Methods


Both a cash payment and bank transfer method, Multicaja is popular and convenient for Chilean buyers without a debit or credit card. Multicaja is payable in cash at over 5000 locations or via bank transfer online. Offer this payment method to gain access to 48% of Chileans who do not use cards online.

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Multicaja is a payment option that combines two different payment methods: offline cash payment and bank transfer.

When choosing Multicaja, the customers can generate a coupon that can be paid in cash at any of over 5000 Multicaja affiliated places or pay through debit from their bank accounts.

Expiration3 days
Very simplerefund
No Chargebacks,low fraud risk.

How does it work?


The consumer chooses Multicaja as the form of payment at checkout.


Customer could generate a Voucher and pay in cash or make a transfer to Multicaja account.


The consumer chooses the form that best suits their needs and finalizes the payment.

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