Klap (Multicaja)

Start to accept Klap and be an option for 48% of Chileans who do not use cards.

Not all Chileans have cards or use them for online shopping. With EBANX and Klap, you are offering this part of the population a well-known and convenient method to pay in cash or through debit from their bank accounts.

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How will Klap (Multicaja) help your business?


Multicaja is a Chilean company created in 2007 that works as a business network throughout Chile, connecting large and small companies with bank issuers and service providers through its terminals and technologies.

When choosing Klap (Multicaja), the customers generate a coupon that can be paid in cash at any of over 5000 Klap affiliated places or pay through debit from their bank accounts. You make your customer purchase easier, faster and secure.

Grow your business in Chile with a local payment partner

Under one single platform, EBANX unifies the fragmented pieces of operating in a different country. We support you with market expertise to adapt your business strategy and start offering local payment methods to your Chilean customers.

How Klap work

The customer journey:


Select to pay using Klap on your checkout page.


The customer could generate a Voucher and pay in cash.


Or make a transfer to the Klap account.


The transaction is confirmed immediately.

Benefits of accepting Klap

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    Reach a new customer base

    Klap is a cash payment option used by a lot of Chilean consumers who do not have a bank account or a credit card but they also want to make online purchases.

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    Protection for your business

    This is a risk-free payment option, you don't need to worry about chargebacks.

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    Optimal UX

    EBANX vouchers are mobile-friendly with scannable and copyable barcode numbers to give your customers the best payment experience.

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