A localized solution that supports Payment Processing in Brazil

Increase your addressable market with the cross-border payment leader in Brazil.

Collect locally and settle globally with EBANX


guaranteed exchange rate


transactions per day.


consumers already paid through EBANX


Huge enterprises are accepting payments in Brazil with EBANX

  • Spotify
  • AliExpress
  • Airbnb
  • Wish
  • Deezer
  • Trip.com
  • Farfetch
  • WordPress
  • Pipedrive
  • Udacity

Connect your business to Brazilian customers

Accept local payment methods with EBANX a Brazilian payment processor and increase your sales in the region.

Share of ecommerce transaction by payment method

EBANX integration
Local payment
method at the
Fraud control
Payment confirmation
Get paid in USD
anywhere in the world



Credit Card


Credit Card


Debit Cards


Cash Vouchers


Bank Transfers



Grow your online business with a hassle-free payment processing

Our turn-key solution covers all the bases to sell in Brazil so you can focus on your expansion.


Local Partners

Get direct connection with local banks, processors and acquirers.


Global settlement

Sell in local currency and receive all at once in USD anywhere in the world.


Customer support

a team always available to support your customers.


High availability

99.997% of availability to your business

Brazilian market insights

Besides understanding payment processing in Brazil, there are other points to keep in mind when expanding your business to the country.

  • The tendency to pay in installments:

    When it comes to high-ticket items brazilian customer has a strong preference to split the total amount into monthly installments.

    Credit and Debit Cards in Brazil
  • Smartphones are driving e-commerce in Brazil:

    Smartphone users represents 97% of internet users and most of the consumers purchase online through an app.

  • A good localization strategy makes the difference:

    Global companies that understand the lifestyle of the Brazilian consumer and can adapt to them, grow steadily.

Scale your business in Brazil

We focus on delivering technological and innovative features in order to increase conversions on your website.

  • Processing
  • Transfer of funds
  • Refund
  • Data Tokenization to support recurrency payments
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Client-side Encryption
  • 24h Guaranteed Exchange Rate
  • Hassle-free Installments
  • Tax optimization

and powerful


Direct Server‑to‑server API

Full control over the look and feel of the payment process and complete support during all integration.

Are you a PSP or interested in having a custom integration? Do not hesitate to contact us.



Build to facilitate the creation and manipulation of tokens for mobile apps, and developed for Android, IOS, PHP, Ruby and NodeJS platforms.


Plug and Pay


Plugins and Extensions

Extensions and plugins for the most popular shopping cart software.


Digital Wallets

Apple Pay available to Brazilian customers and Google Pay for all Latin American customers to pay with their cards and information already saved in their Google Accounts.


No Integration

Using on-demand payments, you can manually generate payment links on your Dashboard and send it to your customers.

Consolidated Reporting & Analytics

Run your business effectively and efficiently.

Receive the vital insights you need to control your business operations, have access to all payments KPIs and data made specifically for your business.

Platform Partners

We partner with the most robust tools to support and manage our data.

Tableau AWS