PIX: why you must, and how to mention this payment method in your e-commerce in Brazil

Pix is becoming one of the greatest and essential payment methods of Brazil's history. Data from EBANX shows that consumers that have used PIX choose this payment method in 50% of their e-commerce transactions. This way PIX has taken important market shares from payments such as credit cards. If you haven’t checked what PIX is, and want to dive into the instant payments universe we have explained everything you must know in our Payments Explained (a complete payments glossary).

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Created by the Central Bank of Brazil, PIX allows transfers between bank accounts within seconds, at any time or day. It is practical, fast, safe and free to people. There are, however, some shoppers and stakeholders that still don’t know about this payment method, or simply don’t understand very well how it works.

Data from Brazil’s Central Bank shows that:

- PIX has more than 330 million registered keys and 102 million registered users by September 2021

- Almost R$ 480 billion were already transferred through the payment method

How to mention PIX in your e-commerce store?

We, therefore, willing to help you offer the best user experience for every visitor of your online business, decided to provide an explanation in Portuguese that you could simply copy and paste in your webpage. By doing so, your shopper can understand how PIX works and decide if he/she wants to use this option when paying.


PIX explanation (Portuguese) - you can copy and paste the text below in your website:

Na hora de finalizar a sua compra, o Pix aparecerá como mais uma possibilidade de pagamento. Ao escolher essa opção será gerado um código Pix no valor da sua compra.
O Pix pode ser realizado a partir de uma conta corrente, conta poupança, ou conta de pagamento pré-paga. Para efetuar o pagamento da sua compra, abra o seu aplicativo de pagamentos e faça a leitura do QR Code, ou use a opção Pix Copia e Cola.


PIX explanation (English) - translated from the Portuguese and only for your reference:

When finishing your purchase, PIX will show up as another payment choice. By choosing this option a PIX code will be generated according to your purchase’s value. The PIX can be executed from a checking account, savings account or a prepaid account. In order to pay for your purchase, you must open your payments app and run the QR code scanner or use the PIX Copy and Paste option.

Finally, it is important to highlight that nowadays every online store in Brazil needs to receive payments with PIX if it wants to be successful. Through PIX your store will have access to transactions in 2.5 seconds and is 24/7. Thus, you can be selling at any time with a greater experience for your user, considering also that it is 100% safe and costs for the seller are much lower than the ones from cards.

Do you have any doubts regarding PIX and all its potential? We strongly recommend you to read our white paper since this payment method is becoming crucial for any business in Brazil.



João Paulo Notini
João Paulo Notini

Senior Content Marketing | Cross-Border