PIX: the new fav payment method that won the heart of Brazilians

Brazil's instant payments system PIX transactions surpasses traditional banking transfers in the country

Between November 2020 and March 2021, 1 billion transactions have already been made through the real-time payments system:

Brazil’s PIX already has more than 230 million registered keys;

79.9% of transactions occurred between individuals.

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Brazil‘s Central Bank’s instant payment system, PIX, has surpassed the use of other means of payment such as TEDs (a type of bank transfer in Brazil, which is faster because it is done during business hours, but more expensive) and DOCs (a banking transfer that works in business days, from one day to another) combined.

According to BC data, from January 1st to 25th, the number of transactions carried out with the PIX was 133,879,584 while the sum of transactions carried out using TED and DOC was 113,622,380. In March, the number of PIX transactions also surpassed the number of settled Boleto.

PIX already has more than 230 million registered keys (each user can have up to three PIX registration keys). Between November 2020 and March 2021, 1 billion transactions have already been made through the real-time payments system, which moved BRL 787.2 billion.

The numbers exceeded expectations

The Central Bank already imagined that the instant payment would have good results, but this unstopping growth of PIX and the adhesion of Brazilians to the new instant payment system positively surprised the Central Bank and the industry players.

Offer PIX as a payment solution with EBANX

Huge opportunity for you. A fast and digital experience for your customers. Get to know the advantages of offering PIX on your online business:

PIX Cobrança through Boleto

Offering PIX Cobrança through Boleto, you will have access to the voucher payment Boleto with the PIX QR, having the possibility to choose which payment method they would like to complete the purchase: Boleto: Through the bard code (boleto) or PIX: Through the QR code

Real-time confirmation

Offer your Brazilian customers an alternative with confirmation in real-time - 10 seconds!


Operations can be carried out 24 hours a day, including on weekends and holidays.

Reach more consumers

Get a wider reach, giving access to those who don’t have a credit card and also to the consumers who want a more digital and practical payment method. PIX is available for banks and for financial and fintech reaching the banked and unbanked population.


The user experience is intuitive for the end-user since it is connected to the financial app that the user is already used to.

Security for you and for your customers

Implemented and following all Central Bank regulations, this payment option offers a lower risk, due to the steps of authentication on the payment flow.

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