The Holiday Guide for March Ecommerce Sales in Brazil

Arianna Aryel Ramos

Latin American Market Expert
November 1 2016

The most celebrated March holidays in Brazil are Consumer’s Day, or Dia do Consumidor, and Women’s Day, or Dia Internacional da Mulher. Both holidays offer considerable opportunities for international ecommerce merchants and businesses to increase their sales in Brazil. Consider a few marketing tips specific to Consumer’s Day and International Women’s Day.

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Consumer’s Day, Celebrating a Healthy Economy

Consumer’s Day, on March 15th, is similar to Black Friday in the US in that it is a day when local ecommerce businesses offer monumental sales on several products and services. Generally, website traffic doubles on this holiday, as consumers search for the best deals. Below are some marketing tips to help your business make the most of this principle ecommerce holiday.

Tip #1: Offer Sales on Big Ticket Items

On Consumer’s Day, Brazilians are searching for bargains on the big presents they didn’t receive for Christmas. Now is the time to promote serious sales on high priced goods. Many local ecommerce merchants offer discounts up to 80% off. To compete with locals offer a rare deal, packages, and free shipping.

Tip #2: Drive Traffic to your Website with Social Media

Brazil is “the social media capital of the universe” according to the Wall Street Journal. In fact, Brazil has the second largest Facebook population in the world, only coming in behind the United States. Attract new Brazilian consumers to your website using social media and make sure they know about your Consumer’s Day offers.

IWD in Brazil: Sending a Message & Offering Sales

International Women’s Day is an international holiday on March 8th. However, Brazilians are known to place a special importance on commemorating the holiday by supporting women’s rights and raising awareness for social and health issues confronting women.

Tip #1: Promote Empowering Messages to Attract Brazilian Customers

Send empowering messages to women and allies on social media by sharing relevant content  in Portuguese or with translations. Showing your business cares about the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women can help you attract new Brazilian consumers on this important holiday.

Tip #2: Discount Feminine Health & Beauty Products

The most common items purchased on IWD are feminine health and beauty products. Many women and their loved ones wait to buy new feminine products or update items they already have on this day. Be sure to offer a good deal or bundle discounts for higher conversion rates among Brazilian buyers.

Tip #3: Identify your Sales with the Color Pink

Although this may sound unnecessary, most of the sales in Brazil for IWD are easily identified because they are pink. Pink banners, signs, buttons, etc. are all common during this holiday time period to show that the deals offered are specific to women’s products. Brazilians look for such details so be sure to follow the trend to attract the right traffic.

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