The Holiday Guide For January Ecommerce Sales in Brazil

Arianna Aryel Ramos

Latin American Market Expert
November 1 2016

Brazilians travel a lot during the summer. In fact, according to the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (IBOPE), 84% of Brazilian internet users generally travel between Christmas and the end of Carnival. Brazilians usually have more money to spend around this time of the new year because of the annual 13th paycheck distributed in late November and early December that is guaranteed to them by every employer.

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Ecommerce Holidays in Brazil.

Extra spending money coupled with traditionally long vacations are the perfect combination to feel free to explore the country or other parts of the world. How could this information be useful for international ecommerce merchants wanting to increase their sales in Brazil?

Holiday marketing means marketing to a seasonal behavior, want or need.

Knowing your audience and their spending habits throughout the year is essential to mastering seasonal marketing. For example, did you know that most fundamental schools and universities in Brazil start in February? If you did, you would already know that January is the perfect month to start back-to-school marketing campaigns.

Read marketing tips to get the most out of post-Christmas & New Year sales in Brazil.

Tip #1: Life Doesn’t Start Until After Carnival

People are in vacation mode from early December until the end of Carnival. Brazilians even say, life doesn’t start until after Carnival—which usually ends mid-February or early March. After the New Year there is no one major holiday in January but Brazilians are still feeling celebratory and look for simple pleasures and travel opportunities.  

Tip #2: Parcelamento or Installment Options Raise Conversion Rates

Many big ticket items in Brazil are not paid in full before they are taken home. The price is broken down into monthly installments, or parcelamentos, that are post-paid after the product or the services are received. When it comes to traveling, Brazilians generally budget within their monthly means to pay for the trip. Hence, offering installments will enable many Brazilians to purchase higher priced goods,especially foreign products, improving your conversion rates in the country.

Tip #3: School Starts in mid-February or March

Although no one wants to think about going back to school, January is the time that most Brazilians prepare their kids for starting a new school year. Back to school sales are common and college students take advantage of deals and are more likely to start a new extra-curricular course such as learning a new language.

Tip #4: Register on a Price-Comparison Shopping Website

In January, Brazilians are starting to feel the strain of holiday spending on their wallet. Throughout the year, Brazilians frequently use comparison shopping engines such as, to find the best deals, but in Janurary they are even more likely to shop for deals. Ecommerce merchants can advertise their products on these websites to effectively advertise competitive prices.

Tip #5: Optimize your Website for User Experience

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Translating, at the very least, your checkout page can significantly improve the user experience, build trust, and raise conversion rates. Furthermore, converting the currency on the checkout page to Brazilian reais or BRL will make customers feel more secure and aware of the final price they will pay.

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