The Christmas Holiday Guide For December Ecommerce Sales in Brazil

Arianna Aryel Ramos

Latin American Market Expert
November 1 2016

Most people tend to think of Carnival as being the Brazilian holiday; however, depending on the region in Brazil, Carnival is less actively celebrated. Further down south, Brazilians are usually given time-off for Carnival but few participate in the internationally recognized dances and parades that are characteristic of the holiday. On the other hand, Christmas is arguably the most celebrated holiday of the year in Brazil.  About 87% of the Brazilian population is a member of a Christian sect that celebrates Christmas; in comparison, only about 78% of people in the US are a member of a Christian sect that may or may not celebrate Christmas.

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Essentially, Brazil has a larger Christmas celebrating population than the United States. Not only that, but Brazilians commemorate the holiday in a similar fashion—buying gifts for loved ones, decorating streets and homes with seasonal lights and symbols, enacting the legend of Santa Claus. In terms of ecommerce, international merchants would benefit from marketing seasonally to Brazil.

Around Christmastime, ecommerce sales in Brazil do exceedingly well.

According to an Ebit study, ecommerce sales from November 15 – December 24, 2015 increased by 26% from the previous year. Despite the economic crisis, holiday spending continued and the average ticket price increased by about US$ 109—4% higher than the year before. A major reason as to why holiday spending did not decline during the crisis is that Brazilians are guaranteed extra income for the holiday season.

Since the 1960s, Brazilians are given a 13th paycheck in the year as a way to ensure the bills stay paid over month-long summer vacations and to allow people freely spend, buy, and travel during the holidays. Usually, about 60% of the 13th paycheck is first distributed to employees in late November and the other 40% in early December. Crisis or no crisis, Brazilians always have money to spend for the holidays.

Here are some tips to help you effectively sell to Brazil for Christmas:

Tip #1: Think Summertime

The southern hemisphere is hot in December and Christmas in Brazil has a beach, barbecue, summertime vibe. If you want to sell clothes, a winter coat probably won’t be a popular item…nonetheless, Santa Claus still wears a red, winter coat. 

Tip #2: Brazilian Buyers like Variety & Competitive Prices

According to Ebit, the top selling Christmas items last year in Brazil, in order of most to least sold, were Household Appliances, Fashion & Accessories, Mobile Phones, Books, and Health & Beauty. However, just about any industry would benefit from holiday sales. Brazilian buyers tend to favor variety and competitive prices. No free shipping can be a deal breaker.

Tip #3: Advertise on a Brazilian Price-Comparison Website

To find the best deals, Brazilians frequently use comparison shopping engines such as,,, and These price-comparison shopping websites allow the consumer to search for the product they are interested in buying and view the corresponding price from several stores. Ecommerce merchants can advertise their products on these websites to effectively reach Brazilian consumers.

Tip #4: Market Around the 13th Paycheck

The first 60% of the 13th paycheck gets distributed around November 20th and the last 40% around December 10th. Time your marketing for Christmas and vacation spending around these dates. If you know your product will take more than a month to ship, market sooner. Lastly, whenever possible, guarantee your product will arrive in-time for the 25th.

Tip #5: Access Your Audience on Social Media

The Wall Street Journal named Brazil the “social media capital of the universe.” Brazil has the second largest Facebook population, only coming in second to the United States. If you want to effectively market to a Brazilian audience of any age group, a comprehensive social media strategy is a must.

Tip #6: Brazilians Speak Portuguese

A common misconception is that Brazilians speak Spanish or that they all understand Spanish; however, Portuguese is a distinct language and translating, at the very least, your checkout page would help increase conversion rates.  On a similar note, showing the final price in BRL or reais, is also recommended.

Tip # 7: Brazilians Celebrate on Christmas Eve

Traditionally, many latinos celebrate Christmas with their family on Christmas Eve with a large dinner and late night festivities. Brazilians follow this custom. On the 25th, or Natal, it is common for families to gather for a casual lunch.

Tip #8: Don’t Forget the New Year

If you think your product would sell just as well, if not better, for New Year celebrations, the same marketing strategies apply. Boas festas!

Trending products for Christmas in Brazil

1. Clothing & Accessories

The national preference for men and women of all ages. Generally, the most sought after items are tops and outerwear, such as shirts, jackets and blouses. Accessories such as watches, bracelets and handbags are very popular, especially low priced items, because they make great gifts for friends, co-workers or classmates.

2. Toys

Christmas without toys is not Christmas. Dolls, cars, games and action figures are on every child’s list. Parents can take advantage of the price-comparison websites to find the best deals on the latest toy trend of the season.

3. Health & Beauty

The search for perfumes and imported makeups greatly increased in late November and early December to ensure delivery before the end of year. Brazilians are fond of giving these types of products to friends and relatives as a Christmas gift.

4. Electronics

Video games, smartphones, tablets, laptops, gadgets, TVs and cameras are the most sought after products by teenagers and young adults. Many Brazilians wait for Christmas to update their electronics. It is common for Brazilians to purchase electronics in installments since they tend to be higher priced ticket items.

5. Footwear

Among the female audience, the most sought after products are sandals, sneakers, high heels and boots. The key is to have different and unique products.

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