The Carnival Holiday Guide for February Ecommerce Sales in Brazil

Arianna Aryel Ramos

Latin American Market Expert
November 1 2016

Brazil is well-known across the globe for its Carnival celebration, the colors, the dances, the parades, the music. All the festivities give the impression that the entire country is living a seemingly endless party. A quick assumption to make by ecommerce merchants would be that Brazilians are participating in a shopping frenzy during Carnival, similar to the lavish holiday spending associated with Christmas in the United States.

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However, once February comes around, many Brazilians cut back on spending. Their wallets are tight from Christmas gift-buying, summer traveling, and long vacations that run until about the end of January; not only that but taxes are due in February. In other words, Carnival is the last stretch of holiday before the normal workday routine and school start again.

Nonetheless, proper steps taken in February can project ecommerce sales in March & April.

In March & April sales increase again because of the upcoming holidays including Consumer’s Day, International Women’s Day, and Easter. February is the perfect month to market to Brazilian consumers with these upcoming holidays in mind.

Here are some marketing tips to get the most out of February in Brazil.

Tip #1: Offer Promotions on Summer & Fall Necessities

Retail sales are low in February but luckily, Brazilians are always happy to find a good deal. February is still burning hot and summer necessities on promotion such as sunblock, bathing suits, coolers, etc. are practically guaranteed to sell. Also, fall is just around the corner and some people like to prepare for the change in season early. Hence, light sweaters, pants, jackets, and the like could appeal to those preemptive buyers.

Tip #2: Sell on Price-Comparison Websites

Brazilians frequent comparison shopping engines such as Google Shooping and to find the best deal for the product they have in mind. Customers search for a product and the website generates a list of prices from different vendors. Registering your international ecommerce goods on a Brazilian price-comparison website will allow you to effectively reach Brazilian consumers, during anytime of the year.

Tip #3: Prepare for International Women’s Day on March 8th

International Women’s Day is widely celebrated in Brazil. Awareness on women’s issues is covered on every TV channel leading up to and during the holiday. Many local ecommerce and retail stores offer promotions and packages on feminine beauty & health products.

Tip #4: Prepare for Consumer’s Day on March 15th

Just about a week after International Women’s Day is Consumer’s Day which celebrates consumerism as a sign of a strong and healthy economy. Generally ecommerce website traffic doubles during this holiday as people use this day to buy all the goods they wanted but didn’t receive on Christmas for a competitive price.

Tip #5: Prepare for Easter in March or April

Easter in Brazil uses many of the same symbols as those in the U.S. such as eggs, rabbits, and chicks. Popular in Brazil are decadent chocolate eggs that are usually about the size of a small football and filled with themed toys. These eggs are usually expensive and many children expect but few receive. Consider offering cost-effective alternatives for parents to delight their children on the holiday.

Tip #6: Push Back-to-School Promotions

Fundamental schools and university classes usually start the new year in mid-February or early March. Extend back-to-school promotions to get those last minute shoppers and don’t forget to sell to college students who may be interested in starting a new extracurricular activity or course.

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