Beyond Borders 2022/2023 Study

How online commerce and digital payments are connecting businesses and people in rising economies

Pushed by substantial financial inclusion and innovative payment solutions, the digital market in rising economies has been recasting its structure and practices. In Latin America, while e‑commerce booming drove digital payments adoption, in Africa, digital payments are propelling the market digitalization.


The cross‑border ascendancy in Latin America

Owning a hypergrowth online market, LatAm represents a massive opportunity for global companies keen to expand to faster‑growing countries. With international online sales accelerating at an average of 34% per year through 2025 in the region, industries such as gaming, online retail, streaming, and SaaS are recording double‑digit growth in cross‑border commerce, as shown in this study.

​​​It's time for Africa: a rising market where digital payments drive e‑commerce

Africa's digital market is ready to blossom. With over 360 million Africans now using the internet – around 30% of the population, and digital payments quite widespread, the African hyper‑growing digital market has a solid foundation to build on.


​​For digital payments, the future is instant and alternative

Alternative payment methods (APMs), such as bank transfers and digital wallets, are booming in rising economies. In Latin America, APMs continue to flourish and should reach almost 40% of the e‑commerce volume in the region.

SaaS and Cloud: the booming digitization of Latin American businesses

As cloud computing evolves and business digitization becomes more widespread in Latin America, SaaS and cloud providers are seeing the B2B market growing faster than B2C.


A comprehensive analysis of the digital commerce landscape in rising economies and how digital payments push massive opportunities

The fourth edition of The EBANX annual study is here! Powered by EBANX, Beyond Borders 2022/2023 brings to light the ultimate digital commerce and payment trends in growing markets, supported by fresh data and influential industry experts' statements


By reading it, you will track down the following:

  • The vast advance of cross-border in Latin America
  • Africa: a hyper-growing, mobile-driven digital market
  • Alternative payments in rising economies
  • Leading verticals growing double-digits
  • The Latin American SaaS & Cloud boom

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