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Better payment performance for your company

We've seen you around. That may mean you're curious about EBANX or looking for a payment platform which is better aligned with your current needs and goals in Latin America. Luckily, with EBANX this is a reality. 

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Are you getting the most out of Latin America with your current payment provider?

We have they key on how EBANX can improve the growth of your company - in Latin America:

By delivering the best payment performance in the region and dedicating a whole team of sharp-minded experts who go way beyond payments to help you succeed

Trusted and used by global companies
  • AliExpress
  • Spotify, through Worldline
  • Airbnb
  • Uber
  • Playstation
  • Banggood
  • Deezer
  • Grabr

Why you should choose EBANX?

Latin America is a rapidly growing market, and you know the value of prioritizing it. With EBANX we can help you go deeper in the region to reach more customers and exceed growth goals in Latin America. Take a closer look and see what's in store for you and your company in every detail

  • Extra layers of fraud protection

    We help you by adopting innovative safety measures to deliver better outcomes

    To properly assess questionable or risky orders, we bring human expertise to our fraud-detection technology. Manual review is a technique available on EBANX Shield in which specialized team members perform manual checks on orders to determine a transaction’s authenticity.

    That extra layer of protection helps to:

    • reduce chargeback rates
    • increase approval rates
    • protect your business from fraud
    • improve sales
    • optimize customer experience


    Here are two examples of real use cases within EBANX that implemented manual review and considerably decreased their chargeback rates:




  • Approval rates increase

    We help you by making sure everything connects, leading to increased YoY approval rates

    An approval rate improvement not only means you're providing a better experience to your customers in their buying journey but also that you're improving your own revenue and business results.

    EBANX customers' can get up to 90% approval rates at acquirer level, depending on the business vertical, with an average of 75%.

    How does that sound compared to your current payment platform?

    Boosting approval rates can be quite challenging for companies operating in Latin America without a local presence, as it requires a deep local understanding of risk and fraud compliance, as well as taxes, laws, and regulations. EBANX removes this barrier and manages acquirer relationships for you. 

Request a confidential report based on your company's current performance

A payment specialist will study your company and share a list of payment improvements.

  • A whole team dedicated to your business

    We help you by actively listening to feedback, developing, testing and improving

    We don't settle for what is, since there's always room for improvement. The EBANX team never stops learning and sees each customer's satisfaction as a metric of success. That's why we consider every feedback as a chance to provide the best possible outcomes.

    We're committed to our quarterly goals, focused on the improvement of all fronts: user experience and interface, merchant success, partnerships, integrations, payment methods, marketing localization strategies, safety measures, local processing, and acquiring.

  • Sharp-minded experts who think beyond payments
    At EBANX, you and your company are much more than a signed contract

    We're not after an extra logo on our website or another deal closed. Every time we sign a new contract, a whole new world opens up to us. That's why we take going beyond payments more than seriously. It's part of who we are and what we do.

    You're important to us. Your company's results and improvements are important to us. Our job is to make things easier for you in every corner of Latin America.

    ●  Several channels of communication and sources of information

    ●  Customized alerts on aspects that are important for you to manage

    ●  Localized marketing campaigns with metrics to follow

    ●  SLAs dedicated to increase your TPV month-over-month


    In short, not one person dedicated to your business, but a whole team committed to provide value-added services to every person involved.


    💡Accountability in every step of the way
    When services are performed by third-parties, the process in real time is compromised and chances are no accountability is taken when problems or failures occur. At EBANX, your team and ours take the lead and draw up an action plan based on your business strategy, current needs and monthly goals.

  • All eyes on Latin America

    Thousands of ebankers with all eyes on Latin America and its impressive potential

    While some companies may lose focus because they're investing their time and energy in several emerging markets at once, EBANX is 100% focused in Latin America. This means all of our resources are dedicated to unveil each and every opportunity or gap within the region.

    Currently operating in 15 countries across South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, our team of over 1,000 experts is formed by 22 different nationalities, all eager to unveil new market trends, research the particularities of each country, and understand local people's behavior and preferences.

  • Your satisfaction as our top priority
    We help you by making of your priorities our priorities, so we can grow together

    Of course, features are important. After all, they give us possibilities to act upon challenges and tackle them. But features mean nothing without the right guidance all the way through. EBANX is here to make sure our partnership is much more than just a to-do list.

    Our team is willing to provide the best quality service for you and your customers. We're focused on your success and satisfaction, that's why we go beyond features and payments.


Still unsure about how EBANX can help you thrive in Latin America? Ask us anything and keep an eye on your email for a reply from one of our payment specialists.

More of what you'll have

In addition to working with an all-in-one localized payment platform, with EBANX you have access to all the diverse aspects that are essential to succeed in Latin America.


Here is your chance to request a report based on your company's current performance

A payment specialist will study your company and share a list of payment improvements. Don't worry, It's confidential.

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