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Cupón de Pago                       

The EBANX Cupón de Pago, or EBANX Payment  Coupon, is a printable document with a numerical code that allows customers to shop online and pay for their purchases either in cash, in one of the many affiliated stores all over Argentina, or via online banking. 

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PagoFacil, RapiPago and CobroExpress are payment collector companies where Argentinians can pay taxes, services and any other type of invoices of companies adhered. These companies form the main base of cash payments for online sales in Argentina, with more than 12,000 stores and agents in the country. EBANX Cupón de Pago can be paid in any of these stores or through online banking.


Other payment collection companies that accept EBANX coupon:

Pampa Pagos, Bapro Pagos, Pagolisto, Chubut Pagos, Provincia Pagos, Formopagos, Pronto Pago.

Expiration Date:Validity of EBANX Coupon is up to 3 days.
Prevention ofFraud. No chargebacks.
Refund Process:Exclusive and practical.

How does it work?


EBANX Cupón de Pago is a printable document that can be sent to costumers via email. Once the coupon is received, users have up to 3 days to effectuate its payment for the purchase to be completed. The coupon is generated in Pesos Argentinos (ARS) and EBANX guarantees that the merchant receives the exact same amount, even if the exchange rate varies.


The customer chooses Coupon as the form of payment during checkout.


EBANX issues a unique code for this purchase: the EBANX Cupón de Pago.


The consumer has up to 3 days to pay their EBANX coupon in any affiliated store.

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