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Unlock the power of installments in Brazil.

Installments are in the DNA of Brazilians, and they are essential to a successful cross-border strategy in Brazil since 79% of Brazilians use them regularly. 

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Commerce, Payments

Unlock the power of installments in Brazil.

Rafael Bertrand
Marketing Analyst

If you are already selling online in Brazil or you are considering to do so, there is a word that will come up frequently on your research:


Installments are a payment plan applied on a purchase. Rather than paying outright, Brazilians have a strong preference to pay for a purchase in parcels spread throughout the year, be it brick-and-mortar or online shopping the tendency is the same.

Recently the Brazilian Credit Protection Agency released the result of a nation-wide research on installments:

 brazilians intallments.png


[see report in Portuguese]

-Don't say we did not warn you :).

Brazil is a vibrant economy, despite the crisis. In fact, because of the economic recession, Brazilians are using installments to maintain their lifestyles.

Installments in ecommerce.

When it comes to online shopping, the trend is similar to the overall use of installments in the market.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.47.42 AM.png

You establish the maximum number of installments and the minimum amount of purchase.

Brazilian online stores generally offer a maximum of 10 installments. Your store should adjust the number of installments to the total amount of a purchase in order to maximize the benefits of installments, thats is, increasing the number of installments as the purchase amount increases.

Make it clear to your customers that they can pay in installments.

As discussed above, 30% of Brazilians do not purchase in stores that do not offer installments, so it is a good idea to tell Brazilians that they can pay in installments with a credit card. (Since we're discussing how Brazilians pay, take a look at how Brazilians love to pay with boleto).

Our merchants' experience with installments is very positive. EBANX as your payment processor highly recommends you to offer installments to boost your online store's sales. 

If you need to have more specific information on installments, request our installments ebook to our merchants services team with detailed information on how to reap the benefits of offering installments in Brazil.  merchants@ebanx.com.