Differences between a Standard boleto bancario and the EBANX Boleto

Arianna Aryel Ramos

Marketing Analyst
September 9 2016

Cross-border merchants selling to Brazil can reach a significant untapped portion of Brazilian consumers and increase sales by offering boleto. Boleto is accessible by the entire Brazilian population and has a minimal fraud risk, a confirmation period of 1-2 business days, a zero chargeback rate, and a faster money settlement compared to credit cards.

However, unlike a standard boleto bancário, the EBANX Boleto has exclusive features that are advantageous to merchants and consumers.

EBANX is a leader in cross-border boleto processing with over 1M monthly EBANX Boleto transactions that amount to more than 17M USD per month. The EBANX Boleto drives higher conversion rates than other cross-border payment solution competitors. 

EBANX Boleto Exclusive Features

EBANX Boleto and EBANX Boleto Mobile

  • The EBANX Boleto is issued by a major Brazilian bank and with your business brand to ensure consumer security.
  • The consumer can print the boleto or save it as a PDF to pay within the three allotted days.
  • EBANX consumers can pay the boleto using their EBANX Account balance in USD, a feature that drives our current customers to your new consumer base.
  • The boleto serial number is highlighted allowing the consumer to easily copy it and pay it online.
  • Instead of printing the EBANX Boleto, consumers can present the boleto at a physical store through the EBANX mobile App. 

EBANX Boleto Business Practices


Why you should consider a partnership with EBANX

  • 24/7 Customer Service: Fluent in the native language of the consumer and available by email, phone, or social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • Friendly Customer Engagement: Personal email reminders and social media outreach
  • 15M EBANX End Consumers: Trusted among over 15M consumers
  • Specialized Fraud Prevention: Fraud team expert in Latin American payment methods and advanced anti-fraud systems
  • Settlement Sent to You: Receive payment anywhere in the world
  • Less Bureaucracy: You don’t need to establish a company in Brazil/Mexico/Chile/Colombia/Peru

Ecommerce Leaders Who Offer EBANX Boleto


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